To go the student health clinic. I was very fortunate that the young doctor i saw was very familiar with crohn’s (his wife had it). directions for taking viagra He was able to diagnose it right away, although he still made me undergo a colonoscopy the following week, which confirmed his diagnosis. buy generic viagra He started me on sulfasalazine. This caused severe nausea and vomiting. generic viagra usa The cure was much worse than the disease. The doctor gave me steroids (prednisone). viagra viagra viagra cost This made me lay awake all night sweating. I was making all kinds of stupid mistakes, i backed my car into a light post, i lost my temper easily, i couldn’t handle the sleep deprivation and stopped taking the steroids. The doctor commenting on how i looked like i smoked pot (this was 1972) and told me his wife found that it helped. I had quit smoking that semester to concentrate on my studies, but whenever i was cramping, i smoked a couple joints from that point on. viagra prices sam's club Through the seventies and eighties, i worked in the music business as a musician, recording engineer, live sound engineer, and record company representative. My occupations allowed me to wake slowly, work late hours, and smoke lots of pot. viagra prices sam's club Coincidentally, my crohn’s was in almost total reemission. I still had occasional bouts of leg sores and cramping and diarrhea, but the cramping and bowel movements would subside after a couple hours and i would be ok the rest of the day. cheap viagra usa I was still underweight, but i could eat two or three times a day. viagra online In 1987, i was arrested for possession and given two years probation. In an effort to obey the terms of my probation, i left the music industry, and utilizing the skills i had picked up from my hobby with the macintosh computer. I went to work at a small magazine doing layout and photo scanning and prepping.   it wasn’t long before i started suffering from bad flare-ups again. When it began interfering with my work, my boss called me into the office. buy viagra cheap I was able to get my boss to change my hours. is it safe to take viagra and viagra together I worked from 2pm to 10pm. This allowed me to cramp and go to the bathroom enough times before going to work. viagra generic Also, this meant there was nobody else around when i came back from dinner, to see me going to the bathroom so often, or be subjected to the tremendous amounts of gas i produced after my meal. I also started smoking pot in the mornings as well as after work. This was a manageable arrangement. In subsequent jobs, after establishing my work, i was able to make similar arrangement regarding my work hours. This, along with my smoking early and late kept my di. viagra prescription generic
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