Elected pages page cxxxv page 8 title page index references contents epidemiology of corticobasal degeneration 1 neuropathology of corticobasal degeneration 7 the human parietal lobe 13 eye movements and ocular control 41 corticobasal degeneration clinical perspectives 51 cognitive and behavioural alterations in corticobasal degeneration 61 neuroimaging in corticobasal degeneration 71 functional aspects of corticobasal degeneration 81 discussing the results 93 conclusions 107 references 111 index 139 copyright common terms and phrases 2005 nova science abnormalities activation affected hand alien limb astrocytes asymmetric atrophy attention basal ganglia bilateral body schema brain res cbd patients cells cerebellar cerebellum cerebral cingulate cognitive complex contralateral corticobasal degeneration coslett deficits diagnosis of cbd dlpfc errors execution eye field eye movements f-mri fibers frontal dementia frontal lobe functional ganglionic degeneration gesture goldberg gyrus heilman human ideomotor apraxia imaging impaired inferior parietal intraparietal involved kalaska kertesz lesions limb apraxia litvan metabolism monkey motor act motor cortex movement disorders myoclonus neglect neurology neurons neuropsychological paola torre parietal areas parietal lobe parietal regions parkinson's disease pathologic patients with cbd pick's disease pierrot deseilligny pontine nuclei posterior parietal cortex posture premotor progressive supranuclear palsy projections receptive fields representation rizzolatti rothi saccade sensory sequence somatosensory stimuli studies subcortical suggest sulcus superior colliculus supplementary motor area syndrome target temporal thalamus university of trieste popular passages page 121 - hutton m, lendon cl, rizzu p, et al. buy viagra does viagra and alcohol mix Association of missense and 5'-splice-site mutations in tau with the inherited dementia ftdp-17. Viagra zinc cost 50 mg viagra ‎ appears in 82 books from 1978-2008 page one hundred thirty-five - in: watts rl, koller wc, eds. cheap generic viagra viagra for sale Movement disorders: neurologic principles and practice. buy generic viagra Can u buy viagra over counter uk New york: mcgraw-hill, 1997: 137—52. cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription ‎ appears in 28 books from 1998-2008 more page 121 - a; et al. cheap viagra online viagra for women malaysia Corticobasal degeneration and progressive supranuclear palsy share a common tau haplotype. viagra and blood pressure drugs Viagra hearing loss 2011 Neurology, 2001 , 56, 1 702-1 706. viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra ‎ appears in 27 books from 2002-2008 page 121 - relationship of intrinsic connections to forelimb movement representations in monkey motor. viagra dosage proper is 200 mg of viagra dangerous cheap viagra online viagra for women malaysia
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